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How To Play.

Welcome to Fantasy Cricket game! This is your chance to be a Team Selector. Lead your Team to glory and a place on our "Hall of Fame" leader board.
No Prizes to be won unfortunately, but the website is free to play as usual.

The Aim of the Game

Fantasy Cricket gives you the chance to put your skills to the test. The aim of the game is to manage a team of cricketers from the international game and score as many points as possible.

Cricketers score points based on their actual performances and the team with the most points at the end of the game will be declared the winner.

Adding a Team

Each user is restricted to only one team per competition for each account. To add a team to the competition , Register yourself then Click on "My Team" link, Click on "Add a new team", from there its self explanatory. Make sure you study the player list and choose 11 players to make up your team, your team combination should consist of :

4 Batsmen, 1 Wicket Keeper, 2 All-Rounders and 4 Bowlers OR

4 Batsmen, 1 Wicket Keeper, 3 All-Rounders and 3 Bowlers

Each player is assigned a cost. The combined cost of your players must not exceed the competition limit(70). There is no limit on the number of players you may have from any one country so as long as you can stay within your competition budget you can pick any players you wish.

Scoring Rules

To view the scoring rules for the game please visit the Scoring Rules page.

Modifying Your Team

Transfers will now depend on the team creation date, according to the following table.

Team Created Date No. of Transfers Allowed
before 2nd June 2024, 00:30 AM GMT (Series start date) 15
between 2nd June 2024, 00:30 AM GMT - 15th June 2024 10
between 15th June 2024 - 29th June 2024 6

Transfers can be made in one go or over the course of a competition. So, it's down to you to manage your team.

If you make transfers before 00:30 AM GMT, scoring for those players begin from the same day. If you make them after 00:30 AM GMT, points will be added from the next day.

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